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At MCM, we accurately define and measure risk on a loan level and trade level basis, as well as by loan status and many other factors. MCM’s mortgage valuation (OAS) and hedging technology (VAR) is integrated with sophisticated statistically based fallout analysis models to analyze changes in a client’s pipeline based on financial market conditions and potential interest rate shocks.

Clients have immediate access to a wide range of detailed and timely reports that are regularly supplemented with daily consultations with dedicated Senior Advisors to keep the client fully informed and prepared to manage their position profitability with the least amount of risk.

MCM systems allow you to:

  • Neutralize risk against adverse interest rate movements
  • Run best execution analysis
  • Evaluate execution options on a servicing retained vs. servicing released basis.
  • Evaluate over the counter vs. securitizations sales
  • Optimize pooling for profitability and investors requirements
  • Prioritize trading activities to minimize hedge costs while maximizing revenue
  • Reduce hedging costs due to fallout estimate error
  • Run a unlimited number of pipeline position reports with market data updated constantly
  • Price and Hedge Forward Builder Commitments and Float down locks
  • Integrate and interface with front-end, back-end and accounting systems
  • Import reports directly into excel for further analysis
  • Manage loan level pricing adjustments, price loans based on investor pricing and eligibility criteria
  • Review Fallout for each loan officer, branch, or channel of production
  • Review extensions, renegotiations, and time between statuses by branch or loan officer (Timeline Analysis)
  • Pool loans according to a goal programming based tool to maximize revenue and comply with investor criteria
  • Pick the best MBS option to purchase through our online options pricing and comparison tool
  • Compare pipeline statistics like margins, new locks, fallout, etc… to peer review online for comparison purposes
  • Keep track of all reports and data used in the risk management process
  • Run unlimited numbers of scenario analysis (what ifs) on the pipeline data
  • Choose correspondents and dealers based upon profitability
  • Manage gain on sale profitability
  • Customize SRP valuations according to what it would be worth to the owner
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