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Mortgage Capital Management has developed a new, distinctively different Pipeline Risk Management paradigm. MCM delivers solutions that exceed your needs and requirements through our systems available now through:

  • Onsite hosted, cloud based, or secure offsite, server-based Pipeline Risk Management software with 24/7 accessibility.
  • Continuous support and advice from MCM Advisors. Advice you can trust!

From the beginning of each client relationship, MCM immerses themselves in their client’s unique circumstances, including management objectives, existing capabilities and pipeline risk. This approach allows the MCM Senior Advisors to pinpoint issues, create goals and work together with the client to create efficiencies.

MCM provides our analytics and services through two different types of relationships:

  • Partnership Account – clients execute MBS trades, best execution based pooling and delivery, and manage the Pipeline Risk Position; however, MCM is always available for conference calls to discuss trading strategies and to provide consulting and market analysis.
  • Guardian Account – MCM executes MBS trades, provides best execution based pooling and delivery, monitors pricing and leads a daily conference call to coordinate secondary marketing activities. Under this relationship, we work to train your staff to take over the management responsibility when ready.

Products and Services Offered:

  • Pipeline Risk Management: Guardian Account
  • Pipeline Risk Management: Partner Account
  • Float Down Lock Pricing and Hedging
  • Forward Builder Commitment Pricing and Hedging
  • Total Sale Optimization - Beyond Best Execution
  • Base Rate Sheet Pricing
  • Pipeline Mark-to-Market Reviews
  • Neural Net / AI Fallout Analysis
  • OAS Servicing Valuation on an Economic Basis
  • Secondary Performance Monitoring, Tracking, and Consulting

As the services MCM provides are uniquely tailored to each client’s needs, MCM also tailors its business relationship accordingly. Risk management service fees are typically based upon a monthly retainer plus a percent of volume – an agreement that automatically allows for changes in market conditions and pipeline variations.

Is your firm in need of a Distinctively Different approach to managing pipeline risk?

To find out if MCM is right for you, give us a call. We will conduct a preliminary analysis of your operations and determine if we can increase your profits and stabilize your earnings. If you are ready to move up beyond Best Efforts execution levels or your existing methods of pipeline risk management need help, and your volume is over $10 million per month, you are likely a great candidate for MCM’s services.

MCM uses both its proprietary and industry standard financial models and real-time market data to provide an accurate picture of each client’s pipeline from commitments to closed loans. The reporting from the MCM system allows clients to view the key elements of their pipeline under different scenarios in real time. Clients can also take advantage of the invaluable experience and independent market perspective of MCM’s Senior Advisors to help make informed decisions.
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At MCM, we accurately define and measure risk on a loan level and trade level basis, as well as by loan status and many other factors. MCM’s mortgage valuation (OAS) and hedging technology (VAR) is integrated with sophisticated statistically based fallout analysis models to analyze changes in a client’s pipeline based on financial market conditions and potential interest rate shocks.
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