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Forward Builder Commitment Indications


Forward Builder Commitment Indications

CME 5-year Swap Futures Contract


We have added due to popular demand the 5yr swap futures contract traded on the CME. The 5yr Treasury Futures and Futures Options were added a long time ago.

ARMS Today


Pricing & Hedging 5/1 and 7/1 ARMS

Hedge Commander Updated for Long-term Float Down Locks


MCM's Cloud based Hedge Commander system is now fully able to price, track and hedge Forward Builder Commitments & Float Down Locks

The Flexible, Split Fee, Float Down Commitment


One of our clients called us a little while back and asked what we could do for a client who needed a little wiggle room to feel comfortable taking down a long-term, Float Down lock.

Enterprise Hedge Optimization


MCM has expanded its product and service offerings to include servicing valuation and hedging in either a standalone or enterprise-wide hedging and valuation solution.

Builder Commitments & Spot Float Down Locks


Given the fact that post Covid we are in an economy that is struggling with supply shortages and delays and rising prices doesn't it make sense to protect a home sale, build or purchase from long delays and rising interest rates? Builder Commitments and Spot Float Down locks through MCM's RPP program is the answer.

Total Sale Optimization


MCM’s Total Sale Optimization (TSO) system was designed and built not only to maximize each lender’s returns from individual loan sales and/or bulk sales, but to maximize all sales executable.

MBA Spring Conference & Expo 2021


MCM Options & Pandemic spread execution presentation.

Hedge Commander System


New MCM Hedge Commander System: Calibrate, Focus, Execute

Residential Mortgage Servicing Policy


The moral hazard issue regarding mortgage servicing and its primary cause stems from the GAAP accounting ruling (FAS ASC 860-50-25-1.)

Execution Spreads


The agencies have gone off a cliff - these graph are ugly!

Bulk Execution Problem


The spread between what “Bulk” investors are paying for various loan rates and programs versus what those loans are hedged with – TBA mortgage backed securities.

Open API Update


MCM is pleased to announce the roll-out of its Open API. This API conforms to the Open API Specification and allows clients to integrate their LOS information with MCM’s Hedge Analytics and Reporting software.

Hot Fallout – Crazy Price Change Matrix


Unicorn Zone – With fallout this low and unchanging, hedging with options would be unnecessary.

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